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The Great Retaining Walls Of Santa Monica provide top tier retaining walls service. Our years of experience with concrete and landscaping services have made us experts at retaining walls for both residential and commercial projects. We make sure that all our projects our safe and structurally sound, and we also pride ourselves in providing beautiful aesthetically pleasing design.

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Retaining walls are a form of hardscaping, where using a structure usually build out of stone and cement, can customize the landscaping of your property. You can customize it with various materials to add multiple layers to your landscaping, and increase the square footage where you can add plants. This requires precise planning for both structural integrity, and to augment the beauty of your current landscaping efforts.

The Various Types of Block Walls

Block walls are used to hold soil which is on an inline in place, which create more level area for you to add plants too. These level areas would not naturally exist due to gravity, so you can really customize the shape of your landscaping projects. Also beyond this, you also customize the materials that the blocks are mad out of, which will give you a very unique look to your home and garden. The types of blocks that are often used include concrete blocks, bricks, natural stone, and even wood.

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Cantilever Retaining Wall

Cantilever retaining walls use the force of leverage to resist the weight and pressure of dirt. The basic principle is an L-shaped concrete section with the base weighted into the ground and a vertical slab that’s capable of resisting horizontal pressure from dirt. A simple yet brilliant application of engineering where cantilevers are used for support.
When constructing a cantilever retaining wall, it is important to consider drainage and structural stability. With the pressure of water either due to rain or freezing temperatures, this type of wall can be susceptible to damage.

What is the Maximum Height of a Cantilever Retaining Wall?

Cantilever retaining walls typically should not be built more than six meters or around 20 feet high, as the structure may not be stable at a higher height. Generally speaking, this should provide enough vertical height for most residential retaining wall projects.

Sheet Piling Retaining Wall

These are a very basic solution, where you simply put a thin piece of steel, directly into the soil. These are often used when there is not much room for any other type of construction, and where you don’t have too much earth pressure which could knock down your wall on softer soils. Sheet piling walls only work in softer soils as they require around one third of the concrete to be driven into the ground. If more strength is required or if you have too much earth pressure then it will need an anchor.

Gabion mesh walls

Gabion Mesh Walls are a type of retaining wall typically seen in streams, water or military applications. The wire mesh can be filled with anything from recycled materials to an aesthetically pleasing material.

Gabion-style retaining walls are assembled with mesh nets that fill with a variety of stones. Wire ties bind the boxes to one another and hold their angled side against the gradient. These walls can have a life span up to as long as the wire lasts, which will eventually corrode over time.

What is the cheapest type of retaining wall?

Retaining walls have a wide variety of options as far as price is concerned. Material costs will also vary according to the market, but generally treated pine tends to be cheapest at $250 per square meter. Here’s a list of relative prices for retaining wall materials and some pros and cons of each design option:

Treated pine is the cheapest material. The downside of treated pine is its longevity, which can cost you more in terms of repairs or replacement than other materials. Galvanized posts can be put between the treated pine to offer increased strength and life span.

Hardwood is better than treated pine, which will need regular care to protect from dirt and water.

Railway sleepers are also a good, affordable option when it comes to hardscaping.

Concrete sleepers may be more expensive than wood, but they will last much longer. Apart from the natural grey color of concrete, you can choose a colored one as well. Reinforced concrete is also doable and will increase its durability.

Besser blocks provide the best long term durability, but they aren’t as inexpensive as concrete.

Interlocking concrete block are available in various price ranges. They can also be flexible in terms of their appearance. Blocks can be used for straight walls, curves and even corners. They are great for installing on your own, but a professional can better handle larger heights. The assembled blocks don’t require any mortar, as they are designed to fit together.

What type of retaining wall is best?

Poured concrete walls are the strongest and most durable type of retaining wall, making them perfect for any project. They don’t need to be leaned next to the earth like other types of retaining walls so it can work in tight spaces.

What is the maximum height for cantilever retaining wall?

Cantilever retaining walls are best up to a height of six meters. For greater heights, earth pressure due to retained fill will be higher due to lever arm effect, and moments at the base will also be stronger; this means that stability design and structural design must take these into account. As an alternative you can go for counterfort retaining walls which require more space but do not necessitate steel reinforcements.

Retaining Walls in Scottsdale

If you are looking for awesome retaining wall services in Scottsdale, Arizona, then reach out to our buddies at KJs Retaining Walls in Scottsdale. Similar to other contractors, they don’t simply make retaining walls, they also build garage floors, swimming pools, concrete driveways, foundations and many other concrete projects a property owner could need. They don’t just service Scottsdale, but also Phoenix, Glendale, Tempe, Peoria, Mesa, Sun City, and the Valley of the Sun area in general. If you are a property owner in need of a retaining wall reach out to KJs Retaining Walls in Scottsdale to get a professional job done in the best quality.

The Great Retaining Walls of Santa Monica