Railway Tie Retaining Walls Santa Monica, California

The Great Retaining Walls of Santa Monica


The Great Retaining Walls of Santa Monica

Railway Tie Retaining Walls

Railroad retaining walls are a great way to build up property that might need some elevation. These structures can be used for anything from landscaping purposes, or even as retaining walls. Railway tie retaining walls are also really affordable! The wood texture also has a really great look to it. The Great Retaining Walls is located at Santa Monica! Our company offer railroad tie retaining walls because they’re so affordable! These structures are ideal for many purposes and have an excellent natural look to them while being practical too.

Are railroad ties good for retaining walls?

Railroad ties can be very good for retaining walls. Railway ties are inexpensive and come in a variety of sizes, shapes, and wood textures. Railway tie retaining walls can also be used as landscaping or other purposes like leveling out uneven ground. Railroad ties can be an attractive, practical, and affordable option for your project.

Some of the benefits of railroad tie retaining walls are:

– Railway ties have a natural look to them.

– Railway ties come in many sizes, shapes, and wood textures. Railway ties can be an attractive, practical, and affordable option for your project!

– Railway Tie Retaining Walls provide stability against erosion. They add beauty as well as protection from storm waters that might wash away soil between the wall’s joints or erode it by running over its surface during heavy rains. You should give us a call if you need more info on this topic or would like some professional advice about our service!

How much does a railroad tie retaining wall cost?

Railway tie retaining walls typically start at roughly $25 per linear foot (depending on the wall height) and go up to about $30 a linear ft.

 Railway tie retaining walls are usually priced by adding together:

– The size, type, length of railroad ties required for your project’s needs; this is typically calculated in feet.

– Labor costs based on how many hours it will take to do the job and what percentage you want us to get paid. We charge labor rates starting from just over $20 an hour–we’ll give you a free estimate when we call!

Other factors that might affect pricing include whether or not utilities need access during construction as well as any permits necessary for driving stakes into the ground. Finally, there may be

How long does railway tie retaining walls last?

Railway tie retaining walls last for a very long time. Railway ties have been used in construction since the 1800s and they continue to be effective today. The reason railway tie retaining walls are so durable is because of how strong each individual railroad tie is, as well as their interlocking design that prevents them from moving or shifting out of place over time. Railway ties also come with an additional line of defense: galvanizing which provides another layer of protection against rusting and corrosion; this process has been proven not only on our own products but by other industries like shipbuilding where it’s mandatory! It’s difficult to calculate exactly how long your wall will stand up based on variables such as soil conditions, environmental factors, but it is always going to be a very cost effective option.

The Great Retaining Walls of Santa Monica